Life Cycle of a Fire Spider

Thijs tries it out


Harry and his friends designed a reading choice wherein one person reads a story and others listen and draw what they hear to show understanding. We discovered that we could also use the application ‘Explain Everything” to play this choice. In this recording you will hear Ms Montilla read the story, while Harry illustrates it.

I Remember

This week we began packing away the things we own in our classroom. We gathered in a circle and talked about what we remembered by looking at the artifacts in front of us. We will bring home all of our things on Friday, and next week, we begin packing away our classroom to prepare it for the next class. It’s a cycle!


Life Cycle Posters

Fire Spiders will share their Life Cycle Posters with their families on our yearend get-together. To practice for this special event, we’ve asked the help of class across ISM. We chose classes where our siblings belong and we will be visiting them to share our life cycle posters. We visited third graders on Monday, another third grade class on Tuesday, a Kindergarten class on Wednesday afternoon, two High School classes on Thursday morning and finally, a preschool class on Friday.


Tall Plants


Shout for a sprout! Scream for a leaf! Hoot for a root!

Fire Spiders were very excited to find their mongo plants grow taller over the weekend. It made us think about the next step and here you will see we have decided to use sticks and strings to support the stems.

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